The recent police-involved shooting of Rayshard Brooks has caused the public to once again call for justice. The 27-year-old was found asleep in a Wendy's drive-thru, and when someone attempted to awaken him, he couldn't be stirred. Responding officers were able to speak with Brooks for 26 minutes where he admitted that he was intoxicated. He told them he could walk up the road to his sister's house, but the two officers were intent on arresting him. He wrestled both officers and ran away, resulting in former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe shooting him twice in the back. Rolfe was fired from his position, but radical conservative Candace Owens has stepped forward saying she wants to help raise funds for Rolfe and others like him.

Candace Owens, Rayshard Brooks
Zach Gibson / Stringer / Getty Images

Recently Candace Owens has found herself receiving backlash from the public over her 15-minute video about George Floyd. In it, the political pundit denounced Floyd because of his alleged criminal history, and yesterday she took to her Twitter account to share that she is launching a funding campaign for officers who she says have been "unjustly terminated."

"Black Lives Matter supports criminals. #BLEXIT supports Police Officers. We are working on building out a fund that will go live tomorrow for officers that are unjustly terminated. Can someone please get me the name of the officer that was fired for #RayshardBrooks incident?" Candace Owens penned in one tweet. She also wrote, "Any person demanding justice for #RayshardBrooks is representative of the absolute vermin of American society. There should be protests DEMANDING that the police chief be reinstated and that mayor @KeishaBottoms RESIGN for placating CRIMINALS. I’VE HAD ENOUGH. #BackTheBlue." Check it out below.