Shelden Williams, a former national champion at the NCAA level, and an eventual lottery pick in the 2006 draft, is ironically the receiving party in his divorce settlement with wife Candace Parker. TMZ reports that although Shelden made a paltry $12 Million in his NBA career, Candace Parker's insistence to nullify their accord will cost her in the region of $400k.

It should be noted that Candace Parker is one of the all-time greats in WNBA history, and has drawn comparisons to NBA greats for her array of fundamental skills. She also has the distinction of being the 2nd player in league history to record an in-game dunk. Not to mention her career earnings don't account for with Adidas and Gatorade, all of which go a long way in distinguishing her as the Alpha in her contingent.

Along with the reported flat fee, Candace and Shelden will split the proceeds from the sale of their home in Encino, California, to the tune of $3.75 million. As for 8 year-old child, the divorced couple decided on joint physical and legal custody, agreeing to share the expenses of her education and all other costs associated with her welfare.