Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya certainly have a turbulent history with one another. For the better part of Canelo's career, he was signed to Golden Boy Promotions which is led by De La Hoya. Eventually, Alvarez left the agency due to numerous issues with De La Hoya and his behavior. This led to a lawsuit in 2020, which was settled out of court. Now, the two clearly don't like each other, and Canelo has even stated in interviews that De La Hoya has a drinking problem.

Recently, the beef hit a new high as De La Hoya took to the comments section of an Instagram post, to trash-talk Alvarez. In the Instagram post, Alvarez could be seen training an up-and-coming boxer, although De La Hoya took issue with Canelo's form. "Please, this guy does everything wrong. Head up when he throws hooks. On his heels, flat-footed. What else? Oh, he avoids Charlo," De La Hoya said.

Canelo Alvarez & Oscar De La Hoya

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As you can see in the screenshot below, Alvarez saw the comment and immediately took exception to it. That's when he said "Oh really? You want me to talk? F***ing traitor. Do me a favour and go f*** yourself." Needless to say, these two went from friends to enemies incredibly fast.

Alvarez has been doing just fine since his split from Golden Boy Promotions, and recently he defeated Billy Joe Saunders in what turned out to be a compelling matchup. As for De La Hoya, he has plans to return to the ring soon, and fans are curious as to who he will be up against.


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