Canelo Alvarez has been through a lot during his boxing career although there are some sagas that he has barely touched on with the media. One such example was brought up during an interview with the likes of Graham Bensinger this past week. In the interview, Canelo revealed that all the way back in 2018, before a fight against Rocky Fielding, his own brother was kidnapped and the perpetrators were demanding ransom money.

In the end, Alvarez and his family paid the money and they were able to get his brother home safely. As Canelo explains, he didn't even go to the police when it happened, as he didn't want the kidnappers to end up killing his brother out of anger. Instead, he and his family kept things quiet, and eventually, his brother made it home.

Canelo Alvarez

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

"After I negotiated his release, I was still thinking, imagine if it was my daughter, or my mom or my dad, it would have been even more difficult for me," Alvarez said. Alvarez was able to win his fight against Fielding with ease and it was yet another example of just how mentally strong Alvarez truly is.

It's impossible to imagine what he must have been going through during the lead up to the fight although it's nothing short of amazing that he managed to get through it.