Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul's big fight last night has come under fire for being one massive money grab that had way too much hype behind it. For months, this fight had been billed as a massive spectacle that could very well lead to either an upset or an absolute beatdown to one of YouTube's most polarizing figures. In the end, neither of those two things happened and fans were extremely disappointed as both fighters mailed it in and gave viewers one of the worst displays of boxing we have seen in quite some time.

One of the best boxers in the world, Canelo Alvarez, has been vocal about his disdain for the Paul brothers and on Sunday night, he went on Twitter and reacted to the fight with a face-palm emoji. It was a simple response but it was plainly obvious that Alvarez was disgusted by what he was seeing. However, right on Queue, Jake Paul entered the discussion claiming that he could destroy Alvarez both in PPV numbers and in the ring.

Alvarez never replied to the tweet although there really is no need. Canelo is one of the most accomplished fighters of all time, while Jake has yet to actually fight a real boxer. Regardless, it's clear that there is a real sense of resentment amongst the boxing community right now, especially in light of what went down last night.

Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images
Logan Paul & Floyd Mayweather
Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images