Back in 2013, Canelo Alvarez fought against Floyd Mayweather and as we all know by now, Floyd won. Mayweather has one of the best records in boxing history as he boasts 50 wins and no losses. Recently, Floyd revealed he would be coming out of retirement which was huge news for the boxing world. Fans are interested to see who Mayweather will fight next and there is a long list of fighters that people are hoping for, including a rematch with Canelo. 

Alvarez was recently approached by TMZ where they asked him about Floyd and what he thought about the potential comeback. Canelo and his entourage ended up laughing off the question and even hit Mayweather with a bit of a troll. Alvarez believes Mayweather is too busy trying to fight MMA stars than actually fielding rematches with respected opponents.

"He's not gonna fight with me," Canelo said. "He's gonna take on MMA fighters."

At this point in his career, Floyd has been awarded the luxury of picking who he fights against so it's not surprising that he has held off on announcing who his next challenger is. There are plenty of fighters who want to go toe-to-toe with the undefeated legend but it's ultimately up to him who gets that chance.

Who would you like to see Floyd fight next?