What a year this week has been. For the latest in this never-ending American saga, the lead character President Trump is banned from Facebook and Instagram indefinitely but his Twitter account is up and active. On it, he's managed to tell us all that he doesn't plan on attending President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, possibly signaling his supporters to continue to wreak havoc on Capitol Hill and across America. If their leader doesn't plan on conceding in good spirits why should they? 

I know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had enough, not only did she call Trump morbidly obese when she discovered he was taking hydroxychloroquine to ward off the coronavirus for no reason at all but has also been publically championing the President's impeachment longer than anyone. This is probably why rioters took to Pelosi's office desk with their feet up for photo ops.

SAUL LOEB/Getty Images

Richard Barnett (Arkansas) is his name and he is the Trump supporter caught sitting at Pelosi's desk, who was charged this morning with entering restricted grounds, violent entry, and theft of public property. Lonnie Coffman (Alabama), was also charged as he allegedly drove the pickup truck carrying a dozen Molotov cocktails, two handguns, and an M4 assault rifle. 

Barnett and Coffman are two of the 15 cases currently filed against the rioters and First Assistant US Attorney Ken Kohl promises that they'll "spare no resources to hold all of these people accountable" in the coming days and weeks. Let's hope Kohl keeps his word and we'll keep you posted.