In the wake of the failed coup on the American government staged by pro-Trump supporters following the President's "Stop The Steal" rally, it's reported that a Capitol police officer has died. The events that transpired on Wednesday (January 6) were chaotic as members of Congress were rushed to safety after thousands of MAGA rioters breached security railings, overran the Capitol officers, and wreaked havoc inside the government building. One woman was shot by an officer and later died from her injuries, and three other Trump supporters lost their lives due to other issues brought on by the riot. 

The death toll now climbs to five as the news of the Capitol officer's death has been revealed. According to NPR, the officer was assaulted by rioters and the Justice Department is investigating it as federal murder. Usually, Trump's MAGA fans have touted "Back The Blue" in response to Black Lives Matter protests, but yesterday, they yelled in the face of the police. The event was well-documented online as thousands of Trump supporters openly spoke of causing some sort of scene prior to the upheaval, but even as they approached the Capitol building, officers seemed unprepared and underwhelmed with their response. 

Some officers were recorded and photographed conversing and posing for selfies with rioters inside of the Capitol. One man, a Black security guard, was even captured fleeing from an angry mob inside of the building as they gave chase. He was only armed with a baton. Politicians, as well as the public, have been wondering why the response to this unprecedented domestic attack on the American government by the president's supporters was slow-moving.

According to CNN, Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who has been taking heavy hits in the last 24 hours, has announced that he is resigning from his position.