Trolls tried to derail Captain Marvel before it even hit theaters. Rotten Tomatoes was forced to purge thousands of reviews that were posted before the movie dropped due to apparently sexist trolls trying to make the movie look like a failure. On social media, aggravated internet warriors lashed out at the fact that a woman was the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Their brittle spirits were crushed when Captain Marvel killed it at the box office opening weekend, and now her reign continues. According to ForbesBrie Larson's superhero flick (which cost $150 million) has already crossed the $200 million domestic box office milestone.

In the worldwide box office, Captain Marvel has surpassed $600 million and may even hit $700 million by the time the weekend ends. This would put it on pace to crack a billion dollars when all is said and done, a feat only accomplished by one other Marvel origin story: Black Panther. Iron Man 3 also crossed that billion-dollar mark, but it was the final arc of the Tony Stark solo movies so that is to be expected. Neither Captain America, Doctor Strange, Thor, Ant-Man, or Guardian of the Galaxy were able to cross that billion dollar mark on their origin films. Marvel just keeps winning.