Captain Marvel will give fans a chance to get to know the hero that will undoubtedly fight Thanos. In the comic books, Captain Marvel (real name Carol Danvers) goes through a plotline where she is brainwashed. In the latest trailer for the next MCU film, Marvel makes it clear that they will be adapting that storyline. Originally, the plot was viewed as controversial because it involved a relationship while Danvers had her mind wiped (which is rape). Disney probably won't tackle something as dark as that, but it looks like they will at least dive into the brainwashing element. 

Danvers barley remembers a life back on Earth, and in the new trailer, a mysterious "hero" explains how she saved Carol. Her blood is mixed with Kree blood, which in turn must lead to her powers. This sounds like the plot of Scarlett Johansson's ill-fated Ghost in the Shell. The people who claimed to have saved the hero, really set them up to experiment on them. Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson's Nicky Fury tags along with his first superhero. The film is based in the 90's, and Jackson is digitally de-aged to roughly thirty years old for the movie. I'm sure we'll get to see how he loses his eye, and also, how he formulated the idea to create a team of heroes. Check out the new trailer below, and catch Captain Marvel in theaters March 8.