A witness recorded the fatal aftermath of a police chase in L.A. yesterday. Multiple police officers had been chasing the SUV of a man who had allegedly been walking around El Segundo while carrying an ax and threatening pedestrians. The chase ended when his car was eventually blockaded by two police vehicles. The man then jumped out of his driver's seat window and landed on the hood of an adjacent cop car. He was shot and killed within seconds. 

WARNING: Graphic footage (via TMZ

After receiving multiple calls about the ax man's menacing behavior, police found him in a residential area at around 12:30 PM. A pursuit began immediately after he was located, Capt. Brian Evanski told KTLA. The chase continued for about three miles, ending nearby LAX airport. 

The man was shot multiple times right after he got out of his vehicle and landed on the hood of the police car. At least a half-dozen bullets were fired, according to TMZ, and the audio in the video seems to prove that estimate. Aerial footage showed the man's hatchet lying on the road, relatively near to his dead body, which was soon covered with a sheet.