Invasion Of Privacy is still racking up gigantic sales numbers after its release last year and that speaks to the influence of Cardi B. The Bronx-born rapper spoke on the success of her debut album on Twitter yesterday, noting that she worked her ass off while she was pregnant to deliver the best possible product she could. She says that Nipsey Hussle congratulated her on winning a Grammy for the project and that many artists turned her down when she asked for a feature. Some people have argued that Travis Scott's Astroworld deserved to win last year and others believe Hussle should have been honored. There have been a lot of angry replies to Cardi's tweet and she actually snapped back on one person who called out La Flame fans for dragging the female rapper.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

"To all of the ragers dragging cardi b I hope she won't stop offset from working with travis thou," wrote the fan on Twitter. Bardi came through in their mentions to nix the notion that she has any sort of beef with Travis Scott. In fact, the two have a good relationship, according to her. "Ya some grown ass men talking about dragging cardi cause I won a award for a bomb ass album," she started. "Mind you I myself promoted astroworld on my page when it came out and have a good relationship wit trav while ya some small dick men talking bout draggginh a girl."

Now that that's cleared up, can we stop talking about an award show that literally happened months ago?