What a glo up. Cardi B has quickly taken over mainstream media, with the latest nail in the coffin a cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The fact that she's already on their cover, after an impossibly short time in the limelight (not saying anything of her work to get to the limelight, though), says something about our current day and age; the immediacy of the internet and how it basically directs all things-- print too, must follow the trends that the internet determines in impractically quick succession. Comparisons are unavoidable, so let's just throw this one into mix as food for thought-- Nicki Minaj only graced Rolling Stone's cover (in a memorable white, wet tank top, you might recall) for their January 2015 issue -- so a good five years after her own definitive glo up.

Cardi B, for her own part, as has been a non-stop news cycle ornament, with the most recent fodder being her engagement to Migos' Offset, after the rapper proposed to her over the past weekend. Don't think about this for too long or you'll end up in extremely skeptical territory (what is real/fake these days??? Is this a well-executed but over-the-top ploy for publicity to the benefit of both artists???).

Cardi B's Rolling Stone cover has the rapper with her tongue out, coyly playing with her mouth, and rocking a leopard-print fur jacket with black lingerie. In the cover story, Cardi B discusses her struggle, from days of balancing college and a daytime job, transitioning to stripping, to taking rap seriously and more.

She shares sparse details on what will be her hotly anticipated debut, but does reveal, "I got six, seven solid songs that I like, but I wonder if a month from now, I'm going to change my mind." We can also expect "trendy" music by the sounds of it -- "It's so sad to say, and I don't want to be the one to say it, but you gotta follow the trend. This generation loves to get high. They love to be on drugs. This is why they on that shit: They don't want to think about what you're saying."

She also speaks a bit on her relationship with Offset, saying she'll ask him about any music business-related questions. 

Cardi B expressed shear excitement and gratitude at landing the cover in her Instagram post below.