It feels like the long-awaited collaboration between Meek Mill and Cardi B will be coming soon. The two artists sparked speculation about a potential collaboration in September when they were both spotted together at Billboard's 2018 R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players event. Since then, Bangladesh has hinted at producing the anticipated collaboration. Now, a snippet of the collaboration has surfaced online.

Cardi B and Meek Mill's collaboration is certainly sounding like heat. A snippet of their collaboration surfaced online earlier today which previewed snippets of both Meek and Cardi's part on the track. The two of them hop on a heavy, trap-influenced banger. Although a hook isn't previewed, short parts from both Cardi and Meek's verses are heard throughout.

At this point, it's unsure when the collaboration will drop, but it feels like we might hear it on Meek Mill's forthcoming project. The rapper has been teasing his "surprise" album for a few weeks at this point, although that's about all of the information we've received about the project. However, Meek has been spotted with several different rappers and artists in the studio who may have some involvement in his next project. The rapper's been spotted with J. Cole, Fabolous, Russ, Ed Sheeran, and more. Additionally, it's rumored that Meek Mill has a song about Colin Kaepernick on his upcoming album.

As for Cardi B, she recently announced that she has a new single titled, "Money" dropping next Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for that.