The relationship troubles between Cardi B and Offset have been documented heavily in the last few weeks as they've made their situation very public. Their "divorce" was announced on Bardi's Instagram and each subsequent update was made into the craziest headline possible. People have been interested in reading about the couple and even though we still haven't received Offset's solo album, the Migos artist has promised it to be coming soon. It appears as though Cardi and Set spent the holidays together, jet skiing in Puerto Rico last week and exchanging gifts yesterday. Of course, Offset had to cash out on his youngest daughter, copping some ice from famed jeweller Eliantte for baby Kulture.

Cardi B posted a video of all the gifts her estranged husband got her for Christmas before deleting it on social media but Offset Clause's wallet was busy for the entire family. Baby Kulture was the recipient of a brand new "Kulture" chain, iced out with plenty of shiny diamonds. The kid likely has no clue how much a piece like this costs but we're sure Offset spent a decent amount of cash on it. Why does a baby need such a heavy chain though? Just to say she has one, I guess... She ended up drooling all over the necklace as shown in a video uploaded to Instagram, which will probably be happening for at least another year.

What do you think of Kulture's new chain?