Cardi B and Offset don't take partying lightly, even when it comes to family-friendly events. The baby shower they held for their unborn daughter was a lavish feast for the senses and exclusive pictures of the "Bardi Baby Shower" have hit Vogue Magazine today. The set includes visuals of dancing ballerinas, the "Bardi Baby Bodega", as well as candid shots of the celebrated couple.

Apparently, it took a massive team of 40 people to make their baby shower as sensational as it became. The event described as a "Bronx Fairy Tale" required serious stacks for the floral arrangements alone, which were created with over 26 000 pink and white flowers. The couple made sure the planners kept it hood by including subway train replicas in the arrangements to complement the bougie stylings. Gold and pink trashcans were also part of the decor, bringing the bad into the classy mix that included the "Bardi Baby Book Library." Its bookshelves were filled with titles for children penned by Latina and African-American authors.

This new chapter in the couple's journey has been giving many fans so much life as they both continue to excel in their respective music careers. They were both honored at the ASCAP Awards and received more props last Sunday at the BET awards.