Rumors that Cardi B has been hard at work at her own solo material have been proven true. According to the rapper herself, she is prepared to drop a new single any minute now. Rumors also suggested the follow-up record to Invasion of Privacy would arrive at the tail end of 2018, or the beginning of 2019. Her editorial with W Magazineseems to suggest she might be short on time to deliver on all her promises, based on the sheer amount of movie offers she is receiving on top of her regular mandate as a recording artist.

She announced that a single was well on its way and that she was indeed nervous over its reception -- calling on her "momma" to soothe her nerves. Her subsequent Tweet instructed fans to enjoy the "Taki Taki" rumble while they awaited the drop.

She also thanked her fans for the multitude of birthday wishes she'd received in the past few days, as well as her "crazy cousin" who shall remain unnamed.

Lastly, Cardi B teased her fans, in asking them if they'd tolerate another maternity leave in short order. All things considered, what are your expectations for Cardi's new single? Low or high; comment below.