Take advantage of the time you have with Cardi B online because soon, we will be feeling her absence. One of the brashest personalities in the game, Cardi B is unafraid to speak her mind, which is part of the reason why her fans love her so much. Her essence is her brand. That's what's so special about the Bronx-based superstar. She's just being herself, having fun on a daily basis and getting paid to do it. You love to see it. Unfortunately, the fact that she can never keep her mouth shut comes back to haunt her sometimes, making her a constant victim of gossip websites and rumors. She's getting fed up of her privacy being taken advantage of so she's decided that, after her birthday, she will be shutting down her social media accounts.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Ironically making the announcement on Twitter, Cardi B told everybody that this is the last week they'll be able to see her on the platform. After noting that she may have been shadow-banned by Instagram, the star ultimately had enough of every single social medium because she told the world she's leaving. "You see I been workin my ass off doing my shit .I go out I do press run people took my kindness for weakness I felt violated I said how I felt now I am THE INDUSTRY WICKED WITCH AGAIN. This is why I don’t be talking or socializing cause it always end up bad for Cardi," she said. "After my bday ..I’m deleting my social media accounts for a while cause a bitch just OVER IT."

In case you're unaware, Cardi B will be turning 27-years-old on October 11, meaning that this is her final week on social media for a while. She ended the rant by reminding fans that she simply cannot be canceled, explaining that the media will always try but that she's keeping it ten toes down and locking in for her next album.

Will you miss her? Be honest.