Cardi B was peeling out of the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City when TMZ apprehended her with a series of loaded questions. First off, the reporter asked her to elaborate on her support of Bernie Sanders 2020, by which she feigned ignorance, implying that a split-career in politics was beyond her limits, much less host a talk-show that touches on hot button issues.

When asked if she'd consider performing at the Democratic National Convention in the event of Bernie Sanders' crowning, she simply replied, "Sure, why not."  It would seem that Cardi B has learned a thing or two about airing on the side of discretion since being falsely "outed" as a date rapist. The reporter then tabled his next talking point: Jay-Z's new partnership with the NFL.  

"I feel like he went in there like, ‘Alright, you guys want me to work with chy’all, y’all need to bring my peoples in there. Y’all need to do things my way,’ ” she said of Jay-Z. "I feel like Jay-Z could bring back Colin Kaepernick. I feel like he has that power."

Jay-Z's deal with the NFL is a divisive issue on the micro-level. Some have argued that it wasn't Jay-Z place to turn the page on "kneeling for the anthem." On the other hand, others appreciate his initiative. You could argue that by forcing the NFL to fight against oppression, and pay for it too, he's actually turned the table right OFF its axis.