During the last twenty-four hours, Cardi B has been at war with anybody trying to tear her down for her supposed low album sales. The narrative would make sense if Cardi B actually had low album sales but the simple fact of the matter is that she doesn't. Her debut LP Invasion of Privacy is still one of the top-selling projects of the last couple of years and it's not slowing down. She decided to send some subliminals yesterday (possibly to Nicki Minaj) after getting critiqued for not appearing on any recent sales lists. Now, she's putting the media on blast for trying to spread false information on her name.

David Becker/Getty Images

In the now-deleted posts, Cardi B came for a series of bloggers with a scathing message: keep her name out of your mouth. Her latest single "Press" speaks on how people are constantly using her name to spew their gossipy nonsense, straying from the truth for some quick clout. In order to prove her point, she shared screenshots from her direct messages after asking a chart-based account to explain their numbers. "Since people and YOuTubers always have a excuse or try to spin shit to discredit me," she wrote as her caption on the first post, which reveals that her sales have not gone downhill at all in recent weeks. "Its sad at this point. Facts is every place in the world people sing each of my songs word by word till this day my album is still selling worldwide top ten. Im so wack im domy [sic] do numbers nobody cares why do ya constantly keep my name for ya clickbaits and always have a excuse for my success."

She continued by singling out two bloggers who have been trashing her exclusively, noting that on their page, the highest-performing videos all center around her music. "So these two motherfuckers right here ya mean to tell me that I need help to make number on my album yet when I go on YA CHANNEL every video that has my name is the one that bring ya the most numbers and views," she said.

You might not like Cardi B but you've got to respect the fact that she's moving the needle right now.