Cardi B was just trying to do something special for the kids but it seems that she's facing a few roadblocks on the way. Earlier today, Cardi B posted a rant on Instagram where she blasted the NYPD for canceling a school supply giveaway her friend Star Brim was hosting. The NYPD denies they had anything to do with the cancellation but they only said that after Cardi told them to "suck a fart." A representative for the school corroborated with the NYPD's story but it looks like they're not completely off the hook in Cardi's books.

Another event that Cardi was hosting for the kids was canceled today and it looks like the NYPD are the still the main culprits as to why the event was shut down. Cardi took to Instagram to share the unfortunate news with her fans. She revealed that she and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie had a huge day planned for the kids including a ton of school supplies for students. 

"The NYPD decided to shut it down supposedly due to safety issues, safety concerns, which I don't understand because I went to two different hoods -- I went to two different projects and everybody was out. There was no smoke, there was no issue, there was no beef. It was straight positive vibes only," she said. "So I don't understand how this, today, would be an issue."

Cardi held her tongue in regards to the subject, likely due to the backlash she faced from her previous rant, but she did apologize for the cancellation.

[Via TMZ]