When it comes to her family, Cardi B doesn't play around. Once, she was out and about with her father when paparazzi approached her with a camera and tried to get her to do a quick interview. The rapper became irate because she does her best to keep her parents out of the media. Cardi said they didn't ask for fame, so she wants to protect their privacy as much as possible. So, when a recent article began circulating alleging that her father was a rapist, it didn't take long for Cardi B to clap back.

Cardi B
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

Akademiks shared a screenshot of Cardi addressing a Nicki Minaj fan account on Twitter. The "Onika Savage" account posted a screenshot of an article with the headline, "BREAKING NEWS! Cardi B father is a convicted rapist! Receipts inside!" Understandably, Cardi was angered by the accusation and replied, "The fact ya make these fake ass articles with no f*ckin sense ...wait so if he was release in 1993 how the f*ck I was born in 1992 ? Where his 1988 mugshot ? You see ya gotta lie better then that !"

Cardi later added, "My father name is Carlo Julio Almanzar .A immigrants that came to America in 1990 from the Dominican Republic.If my dad would have committed any crime he would have been deported and wouldn't be able to get a job as a cab driver for nine years !" Check out the tweets below.