No matter how you feel about Cardi B, it's hard not to respect her hustle. The talented rapper meticulously climbed the ladder to the top of the hip-hop game. For those who like to use her status as a reality television star to claim that she didn't have to work as hard, you are mistaken. If anything, the doors kept closing on Cardi because few people took a reality tv star seriously as a rapper (although the country was more than ready to elect one as the president). Like the hustler she is, Cardi didn't take no for an answer, and now she's sitting on top of the world. 

The very animated and very pregnant rapper took to Instagram to remind everyone just how much success she has attained in the last year. "Bodak Yellow" dropped last Summer, but it feels like Cardi has been on the rap scene much longer due to how much she has accomplished in such little time. The social media post is quick and sweet, and features a list of her platinum and gold plaques. The list states that Cardi's "Bodak Yellow" has gone 6x platinum, "No Limit" has gone 3x platinum, "Motorsport" has gone 3x platinum, "Finesse" has gone 2x platinum, "Bartier Cardi" has gone platinum, her debut album Invasion of Privacy is already platinum, and "Be Careful" and "I Like It" have gone gold. "CAUSE I EARNED IT !!!," Cardi captioned the post. We agree. 

Cardi dropped off a new music video for "Be Careful" today, check it out here