We all could have predicted this and, finally, it's official. Cardi B and Offset are not getting divorced.

For the last month, the couple has been reconciling, re-sparking the flame with lots of expensive gifts, birthday parties, and more. A new Rolls-Royce seemingly locked Cardi B back into her marriage, from which she filed for divorce not one month prior. However, as we all know, divorce threats have come frequently in Cardi's relationship with Offset. Back in 2018, she made similar comments about her man, but she took things a step further by actually filing this time. 

That's all done now because, this morning, it was reported that their legal divorce case has been dropped.

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She's already been making it crystal-clear to her fans but, this week, Cardi B told the court that she and Offset are back on and will not be going forward with their divorce. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody.

This weekend, the couple showed off their Halloween costumes, which were popular on social media. Another video of them fooling around in the house, with Offset calling Cardi a "liar" by capturing a clip of her cleaning the house, has been capturing our attention. The rapper calls his wife a capper because, in "WAP", she confidently asserts that she doesn't cook or clean.

TMZ notes that Cardi dismissed the divorce proceedings "without prejudice", which means that she can re-file at a later date if she changes her mind.

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Do you think they'll last?