In the wake of her arrest, Cardi B needed some good news to get over the pitfalls of turning herself in. Inevitably, Cardi B and her lawyers maintain her innocence in the strip club attacks, up to this minute. But in sensing that there only so many legal perimeters within her control, Cardi B has resorted to the power of positive thinking. The first order of business: monitoring the chart activity of her recent "World Pop" collaboration "Taki Taki," a song which she claims has garnered her a distinguishable honor as far as "female rappers" are concerned.

According to Cardi B, she is the first female rapper to top Spotify's Global Top 50, for her efforts on "Taki Taki." The Bronx rapper was kind enough to thank her co-conspirators by way of tagging them to the post.

The DJ Snake production also takes into effect a Spanish language hook and verse sung by Ozuna, an English part sung by American pop darling Selena Gomez, and Cardi rapping English followed by the bridge-section to her verse, performed in Spanish, for the second time in her career -- the first being a duet with Ozuna (again) as you might recall.

If Cardi can avoid the slammer, she may have a future ahead of her on the "World Pop" market.