Just moments ago, it was revealed that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had won the Presidential election as the state of Pennsylvania was finally called for the former Vice President. Now, Biden has 273 Electoral Votes which is enough to surpass the 270 required to win the Presidency. This is a massive moment in the history of the United States given the fact that Donald Trump was a polarizing President that many wanted to see leave the White House.

While there may be some legal battles on the horizon, there is no doubt that Biden and Harris supporters are excited to see them win what was a long election process. Last night, Cardi B was especially excited for what was about to come as she took to Instagram with a video of Harris dancing along to some Cardi B music. Cardi has been extremely politically active as of late and was one of those campaigning to get Biden elected.

"I haven’t been fussing cause I know deep down we finna win.BIDENxKamala," Cardi wrote. With the win in Pennsylvania, it's clear that Cardi's celebration wasn't premature after all.

While many are excited about this latest development, it is important for everyone to remain calm in this scenario, as legal battles will play out over the coming weeks. President Trump doesn't have very much evidence when it comes to voter fraud but once the election goes to the courts, you never know what may transpire.

Stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring those to you.

Kamala Harris

Drew Angerer/Getty Images