Cardi B enjoyed a rather eventful Sunday, even by her standards. It all began on Saturday evening when Cardi lost her wig weeding through the comment sections of her various social accounts. Something, she didn't insinuate what hit her in a pressure-ridden spot, because by dinner time Cardi B was already on Instagram Live silencing the lambs.

She talked about the shady things she did in her previous life, labeling herself "a B*tch that came from the Streets," yet saving herself the trouble of listing the so-called crimes. The Reddit thread looming over this topic bisected every morsel of "tough talk" into a single criminal dossier they say includes robbing and dealing in narcotics. What do you make of that?

The very next day, Cardi switched her attention to Twitter, encircling a smart point by one of her fans who insisted, "Cardi B making it of LHH, but now she big big y’all stay on her heels for literally nothing."

Cardi B's entire Instagram rant could have been condensed into that one sentence. Evidently, that's not why she's paid the big bucks though; the double standard rings true on so many levels, hers the loudest.

By day's end (now-ish), Cardi B seemed to be pretty content with her two-day efforts. Not only did she manage to get her point across, but she found a couple of like-minded individuals as she went along with her ranting.

She managed to expose a double standard concerning issues of class and race, by using herself as the specimen. But most of all, Cardi B was able to let off some much-needed steam, all without dumbing down the process with a universal translator. Oh yeah, and she's quitting Twitter for a couple of days, no big deal.