Cardi B is on top of the female division of rap right now. As her and Nicki Minaj both prepare their upcoming albums, Cardi is looking to make a name for herself in terms of longevity. Nicki has been in the game for years now, consistently outperforming other rappers to claim the throne in women's hip-hop. While it is unfortunate that we are accustomed to pitting women against each other, especially in hip-hop, it continues to be done in the comparisons between the two NYC ladies.

"Bartier Cardi" is one of the two singles that have catapulted Cardi to superstardom, basically becoming a household name off the success of the aforementioned track and "Bodak Yellow." The 21 Savage-featured "Bartier Cardi" has accomplished a new feat, garnering over 100 million streams on Spotify as the songstress celebrated on Instagram. In her caption, Cardi continued to tease the long-awaited music video for the song. Having been released nearly three months ago, the cut still does not have visuals, which the rapper said should change soon: "I know the video been long over due [sic] but when i tell yaaa i been doing 100 things [at] a time ya wouldn’t even imagine but soon come." 

Being one of the most popular artists out right now comes with many responsibilities. Cardi has previously said the music video, as well as her debut album, will be arriving soon. This new triumph is impressive and looks to be only the beginning of her prosperity in the music world.