Cardi B has raised a lot of pertinent questions about the well-being of everyday Americans in the wake of Donald Trump's presidency. Many have been quick to discredit her opinions, due to differences of race and class, and downright stupidity on their end. Well Cardi's opinions on social-welfare in American have been given a serious boost of confidence by Bernie Sanders, whose social democratic platform has long campaigned for the rights of the disadvantaged in America.

Bernie Sanders tweeted at his followers in response to a post by Social Security Works in which the topic of older Americans receiving benefits was brought to light. In his official response to Social Security Works, Bernie opened by making an allusion to a now-famous Instagram rant in which Cardi criticized Government spending. He clarified his and her statement by ensuring that "Social Security" was the honest answer to seeing to the needs of Senior citizens in the U.S.

Bernie may or may not be positioning himself for a 2020 presidential bid with these remarks, or any for that matter. Bernie still holds his position as the junior United States Senator from Vermont, a title he has held since 2007. For what it's worth, he may have secured himself a vote from Cardi B in the event that he does run in 2020. As soon Cardi caught wind of his co-sign, she quickly posted a screenshot of the interaction on her Instagram. Every passing day she pinches herself with a little force. Yes Cardi it's real, you are a national treasure.