They've made headlines for alleged cheating scandals, divorce filings, Birkin bagspolice encounters, and nip slips, but Cardi B wants to know why the public doesn't give her husband Offset props when he does good for the community. We're in the thick of election season as the United States chooses its 46th president, and Offset has been sharing information about how people can get help with transportation to polling places. Cardi shared her husband's post with a few words for people who would rather focus on controversy than how Offset and other celebrities lend their platforms for noble causes.

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"This man has posted ten plus times about voting but the one time he talks about a bag it’s what makes ya go into a frenzy and In deep conversations," Cardi explained. "I spoke too many times about voting and ya call me 'dumb' ' or shut up and stay out politics ' When we go on live and talk about society you will see the views go down real fast."

She also spoke about people attacking famous figures for not speaking up enough about political or social justice issues. "I don’t understand why people be fronting like ya be interested in something and want too see 'more celebrities ' invested on social issues but what YAAA MAKE TREND is drama and what buying what and who is getting what ? So who is at fault the celebs or the public ?" Do you agree with Cardi? Check out her post below.