Cardi B filmed a short clip breaking the costs required to maintain the looks of a baddie. Her message seems to be aimed at the types of men who shell out cash to pamper their boos. The rapper explained how the monetary value of women's grooming might overwhelm some people's budgets.

The entertainer flashes her glitzy acrylic nails as she delivers her boisterous PSA.

"You know, this is not the early 2000s and sh*t where you give a bitch a hundred dollars to get her motherf*cking hair done, nails done, her eyebrows done," she explained. "Nah. Bitches ain't getting the $17 nail set with three nail designs. Some bitches want gel and some hos like me want Swarovski crystals. So that about there is about $200 feet and nails, you know what I'm saying?"

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Theses expenses extend to hair too. Cardi claims that "hos" like her no longer opt for the hairstyles that used to be popular. "We don't do the blowouts or the sew-ins and sh*t. No, a b*tch want the whole full-lace wig."

Prices vary between expensive and...well, expensive: "The wig is about $800, $500 it really depends where you get it from. The styling is about $200, $300 dollars. So just on that is a thousand dollars. So what's good?"