Cardi B is prone to turning to Instagram to air out her frustrations. She has called out media outlets for disrespectful coverage of her several times in the past. When she's not going off, she tends to be sharing cute content of her and Offset's daughter, Kulture, or showing off her own jaw-dropping outfits. Today, Cardi switched up her social media presence a bit by sharing a heartwarming story: 

"So I get soo much dms I literally have to scroll scroll to see some and I see @lynnspirit hit me up so I check the dms and I see she been hitting me up for a while with beautiful motivation words. I just feel like this is the most beautifulest thing ever. It just show me that people want to see you win and genuinely fuck with you. This makes me feel so good I can’t even describe the feeling. I just felt like I had to share this."

For those who don't know, Lynn Spirit is an influencer and YouTuber, for whom Cardi has expressed her adoration in the past. Once during an IG Live session, she saw that Lynn was in attendance and she shouted out a quick "I love you." You might actually know Lynn from the viral "the flavor" meme. It must have been nice for Cardi to find Lynn's well wishes amidst all the garbage that can be found on social media.