The tragic school shooting that took place in Florida last week has sparked a lot of media attention, forcing America's president Donald Trump to sit down with the survivors and hear their pleas for him to lay down stricter gun laws. 

After listening to the brave teenagers and their stories of losing friends, as well as some parents who spoke on losing their children, Donald suggested that teachers should be equipped with guns as a solution for increasing school safety. Since his idea on the problem has hit headlines, Cardi B hit her Instagram to share a Lebron James meme questioning what could be expected of teachers when they apparently only make $40,000K a year. 

"Imagine [an] old ass female teacher bussing a burner 🙄This man really out his mind .America must be entertainment to other countries," Cardi captioned her pic. 

Cardi had to put another Instagram user in place after they commented that "only in America teachers are paid so low." Cardi let @_rapalert know that teachers in the Dominican Republic were on strike "just last week" for low pay. Peep the thread below.