Every time Cardi B steps out of the house, she's usually got a fresh wig atop of her head, styled perfectly by one of her many glam squad members. The superstar rapper is known for her colorful locks, switching up the vibes any given day. We've seen her wear black hair, blonde hair, neon yellow hair, red hair, and everything in between. Now, she's embracing the follicles that grow directly from her scalp, showing the world her natural hair and preaching self-love.

Posting a picture of herself sitting on the staircase in her crib, Cardi B boasted about the growth of her real hair.

"The end results of all that shit I put on my hair earlier," wrote the rapper. "Treat your hair ladies ...and don’t let a n***a tell you shit bout wearing wigs. It helps with hair growth ALOT!"

Cardi B straightened her locks, which sit just below her shoulders. It's been a minute since we've seen the recording artist au natural so this is a pleasant sight for those who prefer her in a more understated look.

Cardi B hair
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

She is currently working hard on her sophomore studio album, teasing its arrival before the end of this year. It is unclear whether the coronavirus pandemic has forced her to push back her plans.