Cardi B got yet another political co-sign on Thursday after expressing her interests in entering the world of politics in a series of tweets this week. While some didn't approve of her goals, Omarosa, the former director of communications for the office of public liaison at the White House who was fired from her position in 2018, has spoken out to extend her support to Cardi B.

"I was so excited to hear that Cardi B said she wants to go into politics and I'm gonna tell you why: we need more people getting into the arena," Omarosa expressed, naming off teachers, educators, entrepreneurs, and those "from the rap background" as the types of people she's referring to. "The fact of the matter is," she explained, "a lot of people think that politics are reserved for just professional politicians. We need people from all walks of life." Omarosa even compared Cardi to the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, due to their shared histories as reality stars.

Explaining why Cardi would be a great politician, Omarosa pointed to Cardi's authenticity and honesty. "One advantage that she has is that she's real, and we need more people that are authentic and who have have real stories to get into the race," she expressed. "[People] who have lived life, who have been through things; that's how you connect with voters, that's how you connect with constituents is by being real and authentic and having been through some things. The former political aide to Trump then mentioned the POTUS's incompetence once again: "We have someone in the White House who knows nothing about a struggle, nothing about public housing or educational strifes or criminal justice reform. We have someone who is completely separated from reality." Omarosa feels that, since Cardi is a mother and a role model to so many and "has actually lived a full life," she would "inspire a lot of young people from her generation to get involved in politics if in fact she does take the leap."

When it comes to which party she should choose, Omarosa, who says she is "an Independant," believes that Cardi needs to "look at which party actually aligns with the issues that are important to her." Regardless, Omarosa would love to be her campaign manager, because Cardi is "a natural." "We need more women, we need more African Americans, and we need more diverse voices in politics," she concluded. Cardi also got the approval from Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, for her political aspirations this week. Cardi has endorsed Bernie in the past, and the two have even spoken on camera about political issues. "Cardi B is deeply concerned about what's happening in the country. She knows what it's like to live in poverty and struggle, and it would be great for her to bring that experience to politics," he said.