Cardi B has proven to be a politically active individual over the past few years as she has lamented about where her taxes go, while also sitting down for conversations with the likes of Bernie Sanders. There have certainly been critics of Cardi's foray into the political realm, although these criticisms mainly come from those who disagree with her ideologically. At the end of the day, everyone should be allowed to use their platform how they want to, and Cardi has taken full advantage.

Recently, Cardi endorsed another well-known democratic socialist for President, in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC was recently on social media talking about getting work done on her teeth. In her video, the song "Bodak Yellow" was playing in the background which is fitting as Cardi B is another high-profile person who has publically gotten their teeth fixed. 

After being made aware of the video, Cardi B immediately took to Twitter where she advocated for AOC to become President as soon as she turns 35, which would be just in time for the 2024 election.

AOC eventually replied to Cardi's tweet with a "WAP" reference saying "Women Against Patriarchy." As you can imagine, fans were quick to pounce on this endorsement, with many applauding Cardi's support of the young congresswomen. Meanwhile, more conservative music observers told Cardi to stick to music.

Perhaps we could see Cardi become an AOC surrogate in the future.