Cardi B has been very vocal about her thoughts on the pandemic, lending her voice to the official "Coronavirus" song earlier on in the quarantine. She's complained about her frequent COVID-19 tests in the past, but on Tuesday morning, she divulged the exact cost of each test, also claiming how COVID-19 is becoming a business.

"I get Covid tested bout 4 times a week. My glam and management gotta get tested as well," said Cardi B on Twitter. "Everytime we get tested is about 250$ each. This is seriously a new business." She responded to a fan and said that, while it's free to get tested at the doctor's office or at the hospital, when it's required for business, you've got to pay. "It’s necessary because if you in my space and you get Covid I can get sued. If I do a commercial and I get Covid the company can get sued. Its all about not being a liability and is a requirement. The government should be paying for healthcare workers we pay out our own pockets."

When a nurse checked her in the comments, Cardi responded that she was not complaining about her COVID tests. She was actually making a comment about capitalism as a whole. "Well this tweet is not about complaining is about CAPITALISM! How Covid is becoming a business and if this was part of the plan," clarified the rapper. "How ya getting mad at me because it’s a requirement to get tested? Just to shoot a commercial even the janitors must get tested twice."

Cardi B previously revealed the costs for some of her music videos, revealing that the visuals for "WAP" cost her over a million dollars. The $250 COVID-19 tests likely won't ever add up to that much, but it definitely makes a difference at the end of the day.

Do you agree that COVID-19, and especially testing, has become a business?