According to Cardi B, "broke boys don't deserve no p*ssy". Or, at least she says that in her latest hit single "Up". The rapper hasn't exactly come under fire for the line, but it has forced her to explain what exactly she means by broke, especially considering she's part of a tax bracket that many of us will never reach. 

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

On Twitter, she explained her take. "If a n***a have a job whether is minimum wage or not 'he not a broke n***a'," she said, clarifying her use of the word. "He got potential to be rich one day cause of the hustle. It be them NO jobs, no hustle, f*ck you one day live in your house the next week type of N***as that BE BROKE !! And don’t deserve no Clitoris!"

In her replies, people are defending the men that have no jobs, telling Cardi that they just need some extra guidance or a point in the right direction as far as resources go. There are also those agreeing with what she says, celebrating her for clarifying that, just because someone is currently working a low-paying job, they're not "broke" per se. 

Cardi B's song "Up" has been performing extremely well on the charts, hitting its #2 peak on the Billboard Hot 100 during its third week out. Do you agree with her assessment of what it means to be "broke?"