Cardi B is one of the most influential artists in the game right now. She crept her way up from Love & Hip Hop and now, she's a household name. It's seriously pretty cool to think about how far Cardi B has come in a few short years. She's got a long way to go if she wants to cement her legacy as one of the greatest female rappers to ever live but right now, she's well on her way to becoming one of the most popular. She's using her platform to elevate other artists too, sharing a video today where she extends her co-sign to four different musicians she thinks don't get enough shine.

The Bronx-based superstar was excited to address her fans and the blogs today, telling them that they need to start paying attention to a few dope rappers that have been killing it lately. The decision to offer a few names to her supporters came after she critiqued the blogs for rarely posting about more low-key artists, wishing that these people would be highlighted more often in magazines. 

"Let me tell you about some rappers that are really fucking dope, that be rapping they ass off, and I don't feel like they get the recognition that they deserve. Tierra Whack, Kamaiyah, Rapsody, there's this girl called Oranika, I don't know know how to say her name. I don't even know how to say my own real motherfucking name, so..."

The final name on Cardi B's list may be unfamiliar territory for some people. Bardi is referring to Chika, a 22-year-old female rapper that has gotten co-signs from Erykah Badu, Diddy and Jada Pinkett Smith. What do you think of Cardi's list? Is she missing anyone?