Cardi B was offered a big greeting when she landed in Auckland, New Zealand on Wednesday where she is slated to perform at the Bay Dreams Festival which is the country's largest summer fest. The warm welcome was based around New Zealand's unique culture and when all was said and done, Cardi left with a big grin on her face.

Part of the greeting came from a member of the Kai Haka group, otherwise known as a warrior. The warrior embraced Cardi and then went face-to-face with her, giving the rapper what is known as the "hongi" greeting, which involves rubbing noses. Afterward, Cardi got to watch the entire group perform the signature "Haka" dance which Cardi was seemingly amazed by. 

"Thank you for sharing your culture with me and I hope I can show you some of mine," Cardi told the group according to TMZ. She also said she hopes to show the people of New Zealand a piece of her own culture as well. Cardi posed for a picture with the group before leaving. 

Before heading over to New Zealand, Cardi B spent New Year's Eve in Australia.