In step with Cardi B releasing her smash debut albumInvasion of PrivacyGQ magazine has released their in-depth profile of rap's reigning mega-star, which contains some fascinating moments and offers a perspective on the artist that isn't usually present in her other interviews.

However, there is one anecdote that stands out immediately, which is the story of how Cardi got her butt implants.

She tells the interviewer that when she was stripping at the age of 21, "I did not have enough meat on my body—if I was to get lipo, I wouldn't have fat for my ass."

Cardi's reason for getting the implants was two-fold: first, her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her with a woman who had "a fat, big ass", and second, the strippers with bigger butts were making more money than she was.

Not having the body fat to do liposuction, Cardi therefore turned to another, more potentially dangerous, option. According to Cardi, she had her injections done in a basement in Queens, where a woman injected her ass with filler for $800. 

"They don't numb your ass with anything," said Cardi. "It was the craziest pain ever. I felt like I was gonna pass out. I felt a little dizzy. And it leaks for, like, five days."

While that sounds potentially traumatic, Cardi seemed to appreciate her new ass. When she went back to get a touch-up, however, it turned out that the woman had been arrested. Apparently, someone had died on her table.

Take that as a lesson kids, spare no expense when it comes to your ass shots!