Cardi B is bank on her social media antics amid the drama surrounding her breakup with Offset. While the rapper seemed to be performing a comedic litany, there may be some truth to her jokes. The "Money" artist hopped on Instagram live to entertain her fans and quench her thirst at the same time. She sipped coffee and delivered interesting lines between dramatic sips.

The video captures Cardi tending to her thirsty self as she revealed her musings with speech bearing sexual undertones. "I miss it, a lot. I want my throat...inside of me," she said. The emcee then slurped her coffee before continuing with lines that imply something other than a tasty drink: "Demolishing me...destroying me." Later, she broke the whispering to declare, "Oh shit, I need more coffee."

 Rich Fury/Getty Images

Any of her admirers who dig her whispering voice can head over to her ASMR video to further their experience.

This little skit comes after Diplo's attempt to flirt with the star via social media. He let Cardi know that he is available as a single man. Looks like she's ignoring his effort, opting to reminisce about something that most likely has nothing to do with him.