Cardi B's Rolling Loud performance was a big moment for her, as the first female headliner. This achievement was overshadowed by Offset's presence and the media storm that followed his apology. Some people are frustrated by how the Migos rapper essentially ambushed Cardi while others blamed her publicist, Patientce. Now speculations about the authenticity of the infamous moment have been propagating.

Since Cardi's publicist was witnessed escorting Offset onto the stage, willingly allowing his presence, skeptics have concluded that the whole affair was staged. Once social media user received many acknowledgments of agreement for his tweets:

"Here is backstage footage of Cardi B’s publicist Patience Foster leading Offset to the stage. Like I said, this whole "break up" is an orchestrated publicity stunt. So these media outlets can stop using this fake scenario to push their anti-Black "toxic masculinity" narrative" He continued, "Wait..So some of you are saying Offset was able to sneak backstage, hide a bunch of props backstage...Pass security....And then walk onstage...with props... without security intervening, all without Cardi's knowledge?"

What we do know is that the publicist was aware and that Cardi B is not angry and that the event did help place both Offset and his wife back into headlines. We'll leave it at that.