Cardi B is many things: a rapper, a former reality star, a hell of a personality, and apparently a contortionist. Well, that last one may not be entirely true, but Cardi is definitely one bendy broad. She showed off her stretching skills in an Instagram post on Friday, which features a photo of Cardi lifting her leg all the way up to the sky while she was goofing around in the club.

Cardi captioned the very purple photo, "At this moment @achontishanise knew she finna carry me out the club." It's probably true, considering how blitzed Cardi looks with her tongue out and toes pointing toward the ceiling, but despite her obvious inebriation, she was still somehow able to pull off this pose. It's impressive that anybody who's ever given birth could even be this flexible, so hats off to Ms. Belcalis.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

Cardi recently got involved again in some beef that's been dragged on for quite some time now. She came to the defense of her best friend, Star Brim, after Star and Rah Ali fired shots back and forth. The beef between these ladies all began years ago at New York Fashion Week, when Rah was named as the culprit who gave Cardi a massive bump on her forehead after throwing a shoe at her in a brawl.