Yesterday, Cardi B made her triumphant return to music after keeping things on the low to raise baby Kulture. The song in question, Pardison Fontaine's "Backin' It Up," was recorded while Bardi was five-months pregnant and although it may seem as though she was taking a break, the artist was basically working throughout her pregnancy and directly after, hitting the studio days after giving birth. In July, the superstar showed off her new Lamborghini, stunting next to her husband and his flashy whip. Blue may have suited her at the time but she's probably wishing she copped a candy-painted pink whip from the sounds of things because she's not down with the pricey vehicle anymore.

Cardi hopped on top of her Lambo to tell the world she was no longer that into her baby. Of course, Kulture is her rock but the blue Lambo she copped just a few months ago may be headed towards the body shop to get a new paint job. Her reasoning is a little questionable but at the end of the day, she's rich and she can absolutely afford to have her car painted as many times as she wants. "Imma have to wrap my car because it looks like a boy and this car is a girl," said the New York superstar.

If she grows so tired of it that she's down to just give it away, she can always hit me up.