While not officially signed as an artist, many have come to associate Cardi B with the Quality Control family; after all, she is in a "complicated" relationship with one of the label's biggest names, and has a management deal to boot.  Unfortunately, it would appear that her relationship with QC might not be as solid as once perceived. The Blast has reported that Bardi is in the middle of suing Quality Control management, over a situation that arose back in July 2018.

You may recall that last summer,  autograph-seeking "Fan" Giovanni Arnold found himself on the receiving end of a beatdown, after accosting Cardi B and her entourage. The assault led to a lawsuit to be filed by Arnold, pinning a heap of responsibility on Cardi and Offset for their involvement. However, The Blast's story suggests that Cardi has reportedly shifted the blame to Quality Control Management, the Mark Hotel (where the beatdown transpired) as well as Arnold himself, filing a countersuit of her own. Apparently, Cardi felt that all three parties were negligent in their duties, and thus, Quality Control should handle any potential fiscal restitution.

As of now, the story remains in development. It's unclear whether this move will put a strain on Cardi and Quality Control, or whether it's merely a calculated play to defer her name from a negative storyline. Either way, we'll soon find out.