Cardi B's road to the top has found the breakout megastar landing accolades at every corner. Yesterday, Bardi locked down her first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, beating out some heavyweight competition in Pusha T, Nipsey Hussle, Travis Scott, and more. Now, it would appear she's extending her reach even further, having teamed up with the "Rap Snacks" company to launch a new line of chips: "Cardi BBQ." 

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

For those looking to sample the new flavor, you might have to cop a bag or two in the process. For starters, we've got the Cheddar BBQ for the cheese heads. The Jerk BBQ for those down with the fine flavors of Jamaican cuisine. For those looking to switch the style up, the Cardi takeover comes in popcorn format. As for flavors, the Honey Drip promises sweetness, and the Habanero Hot cheese popcorn makes for a spicier alternative. 

A spokesperson for Rap Snacks spoke with Complex about "Cardi B being featured on Rap Snacks is truly a great fit for what our brand stands for," he said. "Rap Snacks is a brand that embraces the evolving hip-hop culture and promotes authenticity which mirrors what Cardi B represents. Just like Rap Snacks, Cardi B will always remain true to who she is."