While Cardi B’s J Balvin and Bad Bunny-assisted “I Like It” topped the Billboard Hot 100 earlier in the summer, the track has returned to another No. 1 slot in an unlikely place as it occupies the penthouse of Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts.

While the song isn’t a traditional dance/electronic song, the track does sample Pete Rodriguez’s 1967 “I Like It Like That,” which was covered by The Blackout Allstars as “I Like It” in the 90s. The Blackout Allstars iteration would reach No. 19 on the Dance Club Songs chart in December of 1994 and peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 1997.

Recently, Pete Rodriguez admitted that while he had no idea who Cardi B was at first—as it was his grandkids who put him on to the superstar—he certainly approves of the new take on his classic.

“My kids and grandkids called me and texted me about it. We recorded [the original] in 1967, so it’s come a long way. I wasn’t aware of Cardi, but my kids and grandkids were. They were all excited; they’re fans,” Rodriguez said.

“I’ve been out of the loop for a while, but I’ve watched some of her videos now and my favorite is definitely ‘I Like It.' It’s certainly my song of the summer.”