The Migos stopped by Carpool Karaoke with James Corden just a few weeks back, and now Cardi B has her own time to shine in the light. After her former lover Offset assisted his group in singing a range of songs, Cardi took to the show and made it all about her. Instead of following the usual format of singing over other artists' hits, Cardi performed a medley of her own songs. The car ride begins with Cardi rapping to "Bodak Yellow."

After the first song is through, Cardi talks about her path to success and screams to some kids in the park from the vehicle's window. Next, she and Corden rap along to her song "Money." After the second segment, we get a piece of Cardi knowledge that isn't well known. The rapper claims that she doesn't know how to drive, despite owning several luxurious cars. When Corden asks her what's the point of owning cars you can't drive, Cardi responds that she just likes taking pictures with them. 

 Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Tanduay Rum

Corden takes Cardi to a driving course, where she destroys several cones and leaves the late-night show host somewhat shocked. The pair continues on afterward to perform "Drip," "Bartier Cardi," and "Be Careful" before ending at a senior citizens workout facility to perform "I Like."