Say what you will about Cardi B, but it's hard not to respect her appreciation for gallows humor. Especially in a day and age where dark humor is somewhat of a dying artform. Taking to Instagram, Cardi shared an amusing picture, a clear homage to Invasion Of Privacy song "Thur Your Phone," in which she raps:

"All I can see is you and her in different scenarios
Beyoncé on my stereo, "Resentment" on repeat
I'ma make your bowl of cereal with a teaspoon of bleach
Serve it to you like, "Here you go, n***a, bon appétit"

Clearly, Cardi has kept the same energy, taking to Instagram to share an interpretation of her darkly comedic bar. "It's not a threat it's a warning," writes Cardi, showcasing a creative yet sinister alternative to Pine Sol: poisoning one's enemies. In truth, one has to wonder whether accepting a beverage from Cardi is a wise decision. What might happen if she were to forget which drink is actually tainted? "Be Careful" indeed.